Blackjack is one of the most popular and widely used casino games ever. Especially in online casinos, the card game is played by millions of people worldwide every day. It was already launched in the 17th century and probably derived from the French card game “Vingt-et-Un” (“21”). At the end of the 19th century, Blackjack also found its way to North America, where initially it was not very well received. Only when the local casino operators put the bonus payouts up, when the score was 21 with a ace of spades and a cross or spades jack, blackjack enjoyed increasingly popular. Until the 30s of the 20th century, blackjack had become one of the most popular games in Las Vegas.

The more the name of the card game became known, the more mathematical strategies were used. Even whole books about blackjack and possible strategies have been published. Edward O. Thope made a name for himself in this field – a passionate blackjack player who has brought success and money to blackjack through his literature. To date, there are numerous reference works to improve its own strategy and increase the chances of winning it significantly.

Blackjack has very simple rules, so the game can be tackled as a beginner right away. It is characterized by its tension and its good chances of winning. Strategy lovers will get their money’s worth at Blackjack. In ever new ways you can test how well the chosen strategy arrives. It offers an enriching change from everyday life that makes you forget everything around you. Since the individual rounds of play go relatively quickly over the stage, one can play the card game also simply in between for the pastime – thanks to on-line casino from all over the world.

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