History of Backgammon and Gambling

History of Backgammon and Gambling

There is no historical proof that would tell how people started playing backgammon. This game seems to be a part of the early history of civilization. A variation from Rome called Tabula is one of the reasons why backgammon has ancient roots. It should be noted however that this game was played by gamblers. Tabula is still very much popular today. It is still played in Turkey. They have called the game,Tavla.

The Romans were fond of any kind of game using dice. A set used for the Tabula game resembles the modern set for backgammon. In ancient Rome people liked watching sports showcased in the coliseum which mostly are fights between gladiators. Backgammon could have been the other game that catered to the peace loving Romans. However people can still fight over a backgammon game.

The rules for backgammon were mostly based on the reason for the game’ setting. The game involved the number of checkers used and from there started the rules on which moves are legal and which are not allowed. This then allowed gamblers to place their bets as their opponent accepts. In 1740’s the rules for this game was first written down and then published. However this game has been passed down from generation to generation through word of mouth. This game was taught by fathers to their sons and grandfathers to their grandsons.

The connection between a gambler and this game has its basis to provide more fun to the game by adding bets. There is more eagerness for each player to win to avoid becoming the loser and lose money. The interest on the game increased as bets were being placed. People seemed to play their best when there is a prize or reward in the end. Fear of losing money can also be another motivation for doing their best. This is the reason why the cube used for doubling stakes was created in the twenties. It increased the bets and increased the enjoyment of the people watching.

There are people who consider the adrenalin rush more fun than playing the game without it. Most players who also learned many skills tend to be competitive and want to prove he is better than the other player. There are some who use this skill to earn money by playing professionally. Today backgammon is also played via the web with bigger prizes for the winner. The competition becomes global as anyone from the world can practically join.

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